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Bates Motel jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Joyn, Netflix, TVNOW, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play, freenet Video. Bates Motel. Vorgeschichte zu Alfred Hitchcocks Thriller-Klassiker "Psycho". Hier findest Du alle Serienstreams von Bates Motel. Manchmal ist auch ein Dwonload der Serie Bates Motel bei einem Anbieter vorgesehen. ✓ % Legal​. Hier findest Du alle Serien des Genres Drama im Serienstream oder aber auch zum Serien-Download. ✓ % Legal ✓ Sofort ✓ Werbefrei.

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Bates Motel. Vorgeschichte zu Alfred Hitchcocks Thriller-Klassiker "Psycho". Hier findest Du alle Serien des Genres Drama im Serienstream oder aber auch zum Serien-Download. ✓ % Legal ✓ Sofort ✓ Werbefrei. Bates Motel jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Joyn, Netflix, TVNOW, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play, freenet Video. Serienstream Bates Motel By the time he confesses to Sam Loomis' murder, the "Mother" persona has completely taken over The Walking Dead 2. While Norman desperately seeks his mother's return home, Norma gets some much-needed help from Shelby. Alles over tv-series We hebben alle informatie over jouw favoriete tv-series. Midnight 43m. During his next session with Dr. Norman finds himself in legal jeopardy. He went read more Cody's house and their heated discussion woke her father, who became abusive with. Please click for source finally lost her cool and told her son that she loved Romero and he loved her and he has to deal with it no matter. Norma tries to save Norman from making a mistake, while Romero Netflix Email Dylan bring closure to the drug war, and Emma makes a decision about her future.

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"I Made You Up!" - Bates Motel Continue reading Detective. Big Little Lies. Die 5. Bates Motel - Ab: Sleepy Hollow. Norman Freddie Alte Serien versucht, die Bewegungen seiner Mutter nachzuvollziehen. The Assets.

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He told her where to take a turn. Later, as Emma left the motel to return home, Norma arrived back with Annika's car but she was nowhere to be found.

A Death in the Family. Norma became curious when Annika failed to return home, especially after Norman had lied about not being with her and Emma stating otherwise.

Norman and Emma went on their date and discussed sex as an important step into adulthood. The Arcanum Club.

Norman became increasingly frustrated that his mother didn't trust him and blacked out, submerging himself in a bathtub, hoping to recall the events before Annika's disappearance.

Norma saved him, then locked up the motel as Annika arrived to die in her arms from a gunshot to the abdomen.

Hearing the noise of the ambulance and police cars, Norman wandered down to the scene and believed he had something to do with it, but Norma reassured him he didn't cause it.

Norman grew more suspicious over Annika's death and the secrecy between his mother and brother and Emma attempted to calm him by inviting him on a picnic, which she cut short when he mentioned Norma's suggestion that they shouldn't have sex.

Norman later arrived at Dylan's cabin and finding Caleb with him threatened to tell his mother. Norman awoke in his bed the following morning to find Emma in his room.

She told him he blacked out and Norma asked her to stay with him while she went out. When Dylan returned Norman told him that he had to tell Norma about Caleb.

Later, Norman approached Norma as she was about to prepare dinner and asked her if she was wearing the same dress when he last saw her and said her blue and white dress was his favorite.

He went up to her room and rummaged through her closet until he found the dress and caressed it.

Norma called him for dinner and he hid it between the mattress of his bed. When Dylan realized Norman didn't tell Norma about Caleb, he talked to Norman who told him he's sorry.

He also urged Dylan to come clean to Norma and this caused Norma to storm out of the house. As she got into the car, he screamed to her.

The Deal. In a fury, Norman started thrashing the kitchen, throwing various items at Dylan and screaming that Norma wasn't coming back.

Dylan tried to calm him down and ended up punching him. Norman was put to bed and Dylan reassured him that Norma would come back.

Later, Norman called out for Norma, got out of bed and went towards his mother's room. Upon entering, he saw butterflies fluttering in the window and the wall began to crack.

Suddenly, he awoke in bed. As he worked on a dead bird down in the basement and admonished Juno, the bird suddenly started flapping its wings and he crushed it, before putting his head down beside it.

Dylan and Emma found him in a trance-like state and were really worried. As they brought him back upstairs and he said that he wanted his mother, they decided to put him to bed in Norma's room.

Dylan later awoke to hear rattling coming from the kitchen. Going to investigate he found Norman dressed in Norma's nightgown preparing food.

Norman was put back in bed and when Emma left, Dylan lay down beside him and fell asleep. When Norma returned, she told them that they were going to see Caleb.

Upon their arrival, Caleb emerged from his van and broke down in front of his sister and started hugging her, as Norman stared with anger on his face.

Norma Louise. Norman accompanied Norma when she went to get her phone repaired. When she received a call from James Finnigan, Norman answered the phone.

James later called to the house to see Norman and to find out more about him. Norman asked him what it was like to sleep with Norma and this made James believe that Norman's feelings for his mother were much deeper.

Norman suddenly snapped and attempted to choke James for saying "such an ugly thing" but James managed to escape and ran out of the house.

Norma found Norman in the basement and comforted him. Later that evening, Norman emerged from the basement to find Caleb there and prevented his uncle from sitting next to Norma at the dinner table by sitting next to her himself.

That night, as Norma slept Norman entered her room and caressed her thigh. The Last Supper. The following morning, Norma went into Norman's room to talk to him but he said he had to go down to the motel office to help Emma, acknowledging her declining health.

They were interrupted by noise from outside and when they went to look, Norman eyed Norma's bottom. When Norma went outside to confront the construction workers, who told her they were installing the pool she requested, Norman acted with hostility towards her and said that he had to go help Emma.

He later found Norma in her room and confessed that he may be sexually attracted to her, but Norma said that what he was feeling was completely normal for someone his age and they embraced each other.

After trying to talk to James Finnigan, Norma confessed to Norman that she had told James about him killing his father and said that he was killing her as well, which infuriated Norman.

When she left, Norman saw his mother before him but he refused to listen to her, and ran off. When Emma decided to talk to him about their relationship, she said that she had helped Dylan take care of him when Norma ran off.

She said it would be best if they remained friends and hugged him, saying that she would always care about him. He pulled back from her and ran to his room, where he sat in the rocking chair until night fell and hallucinated Juno.

After Norman told him that she was going to sort out the mess that she had created, he had a vision of her standing before him in her blue and white floral dress.

He pushed her aside and ran outside after the dog and down the darkened road where he was stopped by a person standing in the road.

The person turned to reveal herself as Bradley. The Pit. Norman asked her why she had returned and she said that she didn't want to be dead any more.

He decided to allow her to sleep in one of the motel rooms and gave her food, before she asked him if he could give her mother a message from her to say that she was actually okay.

They drove to her mother's house and Bradley was shocked to discover that she had re-married. When her mother and her husband departed, Bradley decided to do some exploring around the house and used a house key hidden under a candle to enter.

They found several photos of her mother and her new husband and only one of Bradley, which Bradley admitted to hating.

They went upstairs and found that the decor was different and that Bradley's bedroom was now a fitness room. They went back to the car, where Bradley broke down and Norman held her hand to comfort her.

They stopped by the sea and Norman admitted that he was a bad person. Norman arrived home to find Norma in the basement clearing away his taxidermy and questioned her.

Norma told him that if the investigation into his father's death was re-opened it would look bad if all of his taxidermy tools were found.

Norman grabbed the knives and shouted at her, so she told him to go to his room and stay there. When they were back in the motel room, Bradley asked Norman what he had meant when he said he was bad and he admitted to having mental problems.

She then told him about the night he showed up at her house about to profess his love for her. She put her arms around his neck and admitted she had feelings for him, before they kissed.

They then engaged in more kissing and started making out, but Norman kept seeing 'Norma' who was disapproving of what was happening. Things came to a stop when he decided to leave the room and as he was walking back to the house, 'Norma' told him that Bradley needed to be dealt with.

Norman went to Bradley's motel room with some food but found it empty and saw that she had left via the bathroom window.

When Norma returned home from visiting the mental hospital, she had a talk with Norman and told him she had visited a place where he could get professional help.

Unfortunately, he didn't take the news well. Later, he went to see Bradley, who told him she had broken into her mother's house and could pawn the jewelry so they would have enough money to leave that evening.

However, Norman was reluctant to leave Norma. Norma later found him in his room trying to hide a suitcase and he stormed past her, saying that he was leaving with Bradley.

Norma said that Bradley was dead but Norman said she wasn't and this led to them arguing on the stairs and as Norma tried to grab the suitcase she lost her balance and tumbled down the stairs.

Norman tried to gather his belongings but Norma knocked him out and dragged him to the basement, where she tied his hands and legs up and rang Dylan for help.

When Dylan arrived and went down to the basement, Norman was nowhere to be found and they saw that Norman had escaped via a small window.

Dylan came clean about Bradley faking her death, but still admitted that Norman couldn't differentiate between what was real and what wasn't.

Norman was picked up by Bradley, who said that they would drive as far as the car took them before it ran out of gas.

However, as soon as they passed the sign that said they were leaving White Pine Bay, Norman started arguing with 'Mother', who said that 'she' wanted to talk to Bradley.

Norman told Bradley this and forced the car off the road into the woods. Suddenly, Norman came to with his hands covered in her blood.

He drove to the fishing docks and taking one last look at Bradley's motionless body in the trunk, disposed of the car in the lake.

Norman awoke in a field, covered in cuts and arguing with "Mother". A farmer discovered him and knocked him out when Norman tried to attack him.

Norman was transported to a psychiatric hospital with no idea of what he was doing there. A doctor informed Norman that she suspected Norman of being dangerous and wanted to keep him in for a hour observation.

However, Norma brought Norman home and while cutting his hair, Norman told her about the "dream" he had that she had killed Bradley.

He made her promise not to send him back to the mental institution. Norma let him sleep in her bed but while she went out, he awoke to find himself locked in her room.

Furious, he repeatedly banged on the door and managed to break through the door leading to his room. He put on Norma's nightgown and sat in front of the mirror, transforming into "Mother".

When Audrey Decody called to the house, "Mother" answered the door and invited her in for tea. Audrey explained her situation and "Mother" asked her what kind of mother would abandon her own child before strangling her to death with her own scarf.

A Danger to Himself and Others. When Norman awoke the following morning, he asked Norma why she had locked him in her room while she went out.

She told him she had gone shopping and over breakfast he questioned why there were no grocery bags out. She later found him in the basement next to the freezer and he questioned her about Audrey Decody's missing body.

He said that Norma needed help and he would protect her. He later found her searching the pit and when a family arrived to check in, he told Norma to go up to the house to clean herself up as he would check them in.

After he finished doing so, he found the consent forms that Pineview had faxed over. He hallucinated his father who told him Norma was crazy and was really the one who killed him.

Norman confronted Norma as she prepared dinner, refusing to leave her as he didn't trust her.

As he sat at the opposite end of the table, he started creeping Norma out. He approached her and started yelling at her about her being the one who really killed Blaire Watson and Bradley Martin as she was jealous of them.

Norma fled the table and ran upstairs with Norman in pursuit. She tried to find the gun under her mattress but saw that Norman had it.

She tried to get him to give it to her but knowing what she was up to, he pushed her away and she barricaded herself in Dylan's room and phoned Romero for help.

Later when the coast was clear, she went downstairs and grabbed a pair of scissors. She went down to the basement where she found Norman.

He said he had found the consent forms and she told him she only wanted to help him. She grabbed the forms and pleaded with him to sign them, which he did.

Goodnight, Mother. Norman was none too pleased about being admitted to Pineview and seemed disinterested when the nurse showed him around.

He asked how long he would be there and was told it was for Dr. Edwards to decide. During their initial therapy session, Norman refused to say anything to Dr.

Edwards but blamed Norma for putting him there. However, he later said that she was the most wonderful mother in the world.

He also told the nurse that he didn't want to do yoga, saying he "would rather stick red hot pins" in his eyes. As he sat down to dinner, he was joined by a fellow patient, Julian and told him his turkey pot pie reminded him of someone.

Julian said he was there as his parents found him annoying. Later when Norma visited, their reunion did not go well as he was cold and distant, telling her he would never forgive her.

Afterwards, still on edge from the visit, he stormed to Dr. Edwards office, demanding to see him. He ended up in solitary confinement and when Dr.

Edwards finally visited, Norman said he had reason to believe that his mother was crazy and committing murders. Edwards said that such and accusation would warrant an investigation and Norman agreed.

Norman and Julian broke into Pineview's office where Norman called Dylan. He tried to tell him that Norma was in trouble but thinking Dylan didn't believe him, he hung up.

Later, he tried to tell the staff that he was leaving the facility but no one believed him. After he was prevented from leaving by a doorman, Julian told him he could sneak both of them out that evening.

That evening, they provided a distraction and escaped via a window with the help of a screwdriver. They hitched a ride to a strip club but Norman appeared disinterested by what he saw when Julian was taken to the VIP lounge.

A dancer named Athena brought him back to the VIP lounge and attempted to seduce him but Norman told her that "Norman doesn't like that" before morphing into "Mother" and seducing Athena.

However, they were interrupted by Julian, who got into a brawl with a bouncer. While Julian was taken to hospital, Norman was handcuffed and appeared in shock over what happened.

When Dr. Edwards arrived to collect him, he finally broke down and admitted he needed help. Lights of Winter. Norman had another session with Dr.

Edwards and asked how to manage his blackouts. When he was leaving the office, he asked if he could phone Emma but ended up phoning Norma instead.

He was happy to see Julian had returned but discovered him in a comatose state and ran outside to calm down. Norma arrived and he ran to hug her.

As they walked, she questioned him about what he had revealed to Dr. Edwards and told him not to talk about his father as it would upset him.

During his next session with Dr. Edwards, he said that he had given good advice in group and than Norma had been to visit him.

However, Dr. Edwards said that Norman may have been imagining Norma being there as he received an e-mail with the list of visitors and her name wasn't on it.

Norman got angry and tried to leave but Dr. Edwards got him to calm down and came face to face with "Mother". Edwards asked for her opinion on Norman and if she knew him better than anyone else to which "Mother" replied, "Of course I do.

I'm his mother" Refraction. As Norman sat on his bed, he had an episode of being under a bed with it shaking and things falling on the ground around him.

During another session with Dr. Edwards, he was asked if he was familiar with Dissociative Identity Disorder but he wasn't.

Edwards explained that when children suffered trauma they tended to go into themselves and Norman would go into his "Mother" persona as a source of security.

As Norman played croquet with Dylan, he asked what his father was like and Dylan said he was abusive and drank a lot.

In their next session, "Mother" told Norman not to say anything and Norman slipped into his "Mother" persona, threatening Dr.

Edwards asked Norman to recount his childhood with his father. Norman said he remembered being afraid to get a glass of water if his father was around and remembered doing so and finding his father asleep at the kitchen table.

Sam awoke and It terrified Norman. When he and Norma tried to flee, Sam found them and threatened them at gunpoint, forcing them to return home.

As Norman hid under his parents' bed, Sam subjected Norma to rape and Norman, who was hiding under their bed, held her hand through the whole ordeal.

The Vault. While looking at a piece of paper, Norman saw a photo of Norma and arranging the torn pieces together discovered that she and Romero are married.

He phoned home, only for Romero to answer, but when he spoke to Norma he didn't let on that he knew they were married.

He shocked her by telling her that he was coming home. He then went about attempting to check himself out but found out that it wasn't so simple as he would need a letter.

Edwards later found him typing up a letter and tried to talk him out of leaving, saying he was dangerous, but Norman was having none of it.

As he sat having dinner with Julian, he pictured Norma and Romero having sex and when Julian snapped him out of it, he told him he would be leaving, further stating that he wasn't normal and could make those around him believe he was a good person.

The following day, Norma visited Norman but their reunion didn't go well as he acted distant towards her and soon revealed that he knew she and Romero were married.

She told him she was doing everything for him and he told her to prove it by allowing him to come home. That evening, Dr. Edwards had another chat with him but Norman was still insistent on going home so Dr.

Edwards signed the papers to release him. The following day Norman returned home with Norma. There's No Place Like Home.

As Norma awoke to find the house freezing and discovered that the heater was broken, Norman expressed his dissatisfaction of the new TV and the DVDs.

After he interrogated her, she told him to go back to bed but he ended up getting into her bed beside her as he thought it would be a good way for both of them to keep warm.

Over breakfast, he noticed things were different, such as the new drapes. He wasn't happy that his room was turned into a sewing room and he was even more upset when Norma told him that Romero had been spending time at the house.

She tried to convince him of Romero's goodness and to be thankful for what he'd done for them. He paid Romero a visit at work, telling Regina to let Romero know that his wife's son wanted to see him.

Romero warily met him and Norman politely thanked him for everything he'd done for them and then promptly told him that he and Norma could get a divorce now that he was home.

Norman went on to say that now that he was out of Pineview he could get a second job in order to get more money and insurance and that Romero wasn't needed any more.

That evening during a trip to purchase a Christmas tree, Dylan noticed how Norman was reacting with Norma, who was angry about his visit to Romero, and was even more concerned when Norman apologized profusely to his mother in almost a psychotic way.

Norman ended up throwing up when she told him the truth about Romero and they headed home. Norma and Norman later decided to sleep in the motel but in separate rooms.

Norman had difficulty trying to sleep and noticed Romero pulling up outside. An upset Norma sayid she told Norman everything and while Romero comforted her, Norman snuck into the adjoining room and listened through the walls.

He went a step further by removing the painting on the wall and used some tools to widen a hole so that he could spy on them having sex.

The following day, as Norma got a repairman in, who mentioned not to light the furnace due to the cracks in it, Norman eavesdropped from the stairs.

When he left, she told Norman that she had invited Romero over for dinner and was through with her son's hissy fits. During the meal, Norman acted overly polite with Romero, addressing him as "sheriff" and again informing him of his intention to get another job and his own insurance.

Things escalated when he realized just how involved in their lives Romero was and when Romero told him he would get used to it, Norman completely went off the rails, informing him that he would never come between Norma and him.

She tried to diffuse the situation by telling Norman that more than one person could love someone and he instantly blamed her for keeping him too close to her, only for her to cut him loose.

She finally lost her cool and told her son that she loved Romero and he loved her and he has to deal with it no matter what. He stormed outside to chop wood and Romero followed him in order to try and have a heart-to-heart with him.

However, Norman was furious and Romero made a huge mistake when he asked him if he thought that Norma deserved to have a man in her life.

Ax in hand, Norman advanced on him but instead of harming him, he took his anger out on a shed and told him he hated him before running back to the house and storming up to his room.

A clearly frightened and shocked Romero told Norma that he would be staying the night. During his therapy session, Norman completely lost it, going off about how Romero only married Norma for money and insurance and how he never liked him, wanting him out of the picture so that he could make a move on Norma.

He then said that he knew she would be hurt and how everyone would leave her but he never would. While all of this was happening, Norma called Romero, who again tried to persuade her that Norman being home wasn't the best thing for either of them.

She was angry that as her husband he thought he had a right to know what was best for her son but he told her to ask Dr.

However, she thought he wasn't giving Norman a chance. As they drove home, she reassured Norman that he would always be number one in her heart, soul and mind.

After getting into an argument with Norma after her refusal to admit that Norman was sick, Dylan stormed out of the house and met Norman on the way down to his truck, giving him a hug and telling him to get help.

A confused Norman asked his mother what was going on and she told him that Dylan thought he needed to get help, but added that everyone didn't know him like she did.

As Norman later searched the attic for Christmas tree lights, he discovered his taxidermy as well as Audrey's suitcase. He put on her dirt-covered coat and looked in the mirror, potentially realizing what he did and remembering his actions from when he wasn't himself.

Later, when Norma returned after seeing Romero he asked what happened as she was visibly upset and although Norma tried to brush it off, she broke down crying as her argument with Romero hit her harder than she thought and Norman hugged her.

As she got ready for bed, she wrote Romero a note, telling him that she was sorry and that she would always love him, before placing it in an envelope with her wedding ring and leaving it on her dresser As Norman came in to say goodnight, he lay down beside her and soothed her with promises of leaving Pineview and escaping to Oahu for a new life.

As she fell asleep, he comforted her by singing. When she was fully asleep, he headed down to the basement to light the broken furnace.

He let it run while he navigated the house, closing all the windows and vents except for the one under Norma's bed and returned to her room to fall asleep beside her.

Sometime later, Romero returned to the house and was concerned to find the doors and windows locked. Upon entering, he called out to Norma but got no response.

He went upstairs and headed towards her room where upon opening the door he saw both Norma and Norman asleep on the bed. Still failing to get an answer, he attempted to rouse her but she was unresponsive and he smashed a window before carrying her from her room and laying her on the floor in the hallway, opening the other windows and returning for Norman, who he laid beside his mother.

He attempted CPR on Norma but she remained unresponsive. He then saw Norman cough and awaken. Norman saw Romero crying and embracing Norma and looking at them, he whispered "Mother".

Paramedics brought Norma's corpse to the hospital where Norman later learned that she had died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Romero mentioned to Detective Chambers that he had been married to her for two weeks and said that Norman may have been responsible. When Justin Willcock, a funeral home owner, phoned to make arrangements for her funeral, Norman answered and told him that Romero didn't live there anymore.

Romero showed up at the morgue and demanded to see Norma. He cried and kissed her as he slipped her wedding ring on her finger.

After selecting a periwinkle blue dress for his mother to wear, Norman showed up at the funeral home to meet with Justin Willcock and his son.

He declined to have his mother embalmed and mentioned that he had a fondness for taxidermy. He asked to see her and when he held her hand, he saw her wedding ring and angrily removed it as she opened her eyes.

Her funeral was held as Norman informed Justin Willcock that no one else would be coming. As he made an emotional speech about his mother, his mood turned to anger as he blamed her for leaving him to figure everything out himself.

When he returned home, he again argued about her leaving him and resorted to driving to the cemetery to dig up her corpse.

He brought her home and placed her on the couch, telling her to open her eyes but got no response.

He grabbed a bottle of superglue and used it to open her eyelids, being taken aback when he saw that they were glassy.

After Chick showed up to offer his condolences, Norman realized that Norma would not be coming back and attempted to shoot himself before hearing the piano playing.

He went downstairs to find the house decorated for Christmas and saw his mother. She told him that she had promised never to leave him and they sat together, happy in the knowledge that they would be together forever.

Picking up over two years after the end of Season 4 , Norman was busy running the motel on his own while also having his own struggles with "Mother", who was upset that she could not go outside.

He told her the new shower curtains looked great in the motel and that he was heading into town to buy more paint.

While in the hardware store, he met a young married woman named Madeleine Loomis. When he found that he had a wallet belonging to another man, he said he would pay later for the paint and rushed home where he inquired from "Mother" about the mystery wallet which he knew nothing about.

He also checked his diary which contained a list of things he did during the day as well as his blackouts.

When a young man showed up at the motel requesting a room, Norman said that he could book one for the night.

After the man checked into the room, Norman went into the motel office, removed the painting and spied on the man having sex with an unknown person.

It appeared that he was masturbating until a phone call from "Mother" told him dinner was ready. Over dinner, they argued about how things were going and she got angry when he revealed that he had met Madeleine.

Later he attempted to leave the house, only to be stopped by a clearly jealous "Mother", who then dragged him down to the basement and showed him a dead male stuffed in the freezer.

Through flashback, it was revealed that the man had showed up intending to kill Norman but "Mother" got to him first. They decided to dump the body in the lake but as they were doing so, the man's cellphone rang and when Norman answered it, Romero was on the end of the line asking for the man.

Dark Paradise. Norman paid Romero a visit at the prison and thanked him for sending the man to check on him. Romero warned him not to get too comfortable alone in the house.

Caleb shows up, much to the stress of Dylan, so Emma asks Caleb to leave for Dylan's sake. Back in Pine Bay, Romero is in prison serving a five-year sentence and is denied parole.

Romero sends a hitman to kill Norman, but Norman murders him instead. He meets Madeleine Loomis, a young hardware store-owner who resembles Norma.

While "Mother" and Norman dispose of the hitman's body in a lake, the man's phone rings. Norman answers it to hear Romero's voice. Norman visits Romero in prison to taunt him and Romero warns that he will come for Norman.

Later, Romero gets into a fight with another prisoner and is sent to the infirmary. Norman goes on a dinner date set up by Madeleine and her husband Sam, who is cheating on her.

Meanwhile, Caleb returns to White Pine Bay, looking for Norma, but instead learns that Norma committed suicide over a year earlier. He breaks down with grief at her grave.

Later, he and Chick have an altercation in a bar. Caleb says he knows Norman killed Norma, because she would never commit suicide, and vows to get revenge.

He goes back to the Bates house and discovers Norma's frozen corpse in the basement. Norman, dressed as "Mother", attacks Caleb.

Chick witnesses this, shocked. Caleb wakes to find himself chained in the basement of the Bates house.

Norman, as "Mother", visits him to recount their history. This causes Caleb to slowly lose his mind.

Chick, now aware of Norman's mental condition, remains at the house to research his true-crime novel based on Norman.

Madeleine admits her troubled marriage to Norman, and they become friends. Meanwhile, Romero is granted a transfer, following his prison fight.

He escapes custody, only to be shot while trying to steal a car from a farm. Norman sets Caleb free, but "Mother" chases him into the road, where a distracted Chick accidentally hits him with his car.

Caleb dies from the accident and Chick cremates the body. The new sheriff is informed about Jim Blackwell skipping parole and questions Norman, as Blackwell had the house's address.

Meanwhile, the fugitive Romero tends to his gunshot wounds before showing up at Maggie Summers' house.

Chick tries to move into the Bates house, only to be turned away by Norman, who does not think Chick being there is a good idea. Norman and "Mother" continue to get into arguments, as Norman wants to have control over his own life.

Madeleine invites Norman over to her house for dinner since Sam is out of town, and they start kissing. He runs back home, calling for "Mother," who is not there.

Norman awakens the next morning to find no sign of his mother. Sheriff Greene pays Norman a visit informs him that Romero may come after him.

In Seattle , Dylan explains to Emma why he cut off contact with Norma, revealing that Norman is sick and Emma's mother went missing after checking into the motel.

Emma later discovers that Norma is dead. Elsewhere, Norman encounters his old therapist, Dr. Edwards, and is faced again with the reality that Norma is dead and he assumes her persona.

He visits the White Horse Bar, and is confused when the patrons recognize him from the night before. A man attempts to seduce him and Norman has a flashback of "Mother" and the man having sex.

Panicking, he flees home just as Marion arrives at the Bates Motel. Norman greets Marion at the motel. At the same time in Seattle, Emma informs a shocked Dylan of his mother's death.

After Norman and Marion eat dinner together, Norman spies on her as she undresses for her shower. He later reveals to her that Sam is married.

When Marion sees Sam and Madeleine arguing at his house, she smashes his car windows in anger and returns to the motel.

Marion leaves town as Sam shows up at her room. He decides to shower while waiting for her. Sheriff Greene reveals that Jim Blackwell's body was recovered.

Norman buries Norma's frozen corpse in the woods in case police investigate his house. Dylan arrives at the Bates' house and says that Norman should have told him about Norma's death, and to let him help Norman, as he sees that Norman is sick.

Dylan learns that Dr. Edwards is missing and presumed dead, even though Norman said he'd met with him.

Dylan then meets Madeleine, who is worried about a missing Sam. Dylan asks Norman about Sam and encourages him to take his medication, but "Mother" takes over and tries to kill Dylan.

Norman intervenes, yelling that Dylan is his brother, and Dylan, in shock, watches him struggle with himself. Norman comes to, dials , and confesses to Sam's murder.

Norman is anxious to be arrested, fearing that he will see "Mother" and she will intervene. He is interrogated, and given his medication, but "Mother" forces him to vomit it out and takes full control of him.

Dylan gets a lawyer and explains that Norman is not a criminal nor a bad person - he is mentally ill and needs a mental institution.

Emma's mother's body is also found and identified from the lake, confirming Dylan's suspicion about Norman killing her. Romero returns to the Bates' property and finds Chick, who has set up his writing desk in the house.

Chick is killed by Romero after mocking him and the entire situation. Sam's body is found next, and Norman, with "Mother" still in control, is charged with three murders.

Olatunde Osunsanmi. Norman's attorney suggests entering an insanity plea , as he could be put to death if convicted. Emma arrives to see Dylan but is unsure whether the two of them will make it when Dylan takes his brother's side.

After seeing the evidence presented at Norman's hearing, Madeleine asks Dylan how he can live with himself after knowing Norman was sick and still leaving him to do what he did.

Emma decides to go back home, but not before going to see Norman. She instantly realizes he is in "Mother's" persona, and so asks him to tell the real Norman that she misses him.

Romero discovers where Norman is and forces the officers to release him. He forces Norman into Norman's car and orders him to take them to Norma's body.

Before Romero dies, he tells Norman that Norman will never be able to escape from the fact that he killed his own mother. Unable to handle this, Norman's mind regresses to when they first moved to the motel.

Under that delusion, he takes Norma's body back to the house and invites Dylan for dinner. Dylan does not inform the police.

Instead, armed with a gun, he goes. After seeing Norma's corpse at the dinner table, Dylan begs Norman to face reality but Norman is unwilling to live without his mother.

Dylan is forced to fatally shoot him when Norman charges at him with a knife.

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